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District Personal Information Consent Form

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Schools and Districts are authorized to collect, use, and share student personal information that is directly related to and necessary for their educational functions. For other school or education-related purposes, parental or student consent is required.

The Board of Education of School District 46 is seeking your consent to collect, keep, use and share photographs, artwork, videos, images, and/or names of students in a variety of publications (yearbooks, newsletters, brochures, newspapers/media, community displays and reports) and on the school or District’s website(s) or social media for education related purposes, such as recognizing and encouraging student achievement, building the school community and informing others about school and District programs and activities.

This form will remain active for the duration of your child's enrollment at this school and may be withdrawn by you at any time.

August 18, 2022

District Walking Field Trip Consent Form

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Dear Parent / Guardian:

Your child may be involved in a variety of activities, which involve students leaving the
school grounds on foot. School District 46 - Sunshine Coast policy requires the school to
have the consent of parents each time a student leaves the school grounds. Some examples of
activities that involve a “walking field trip” in support of the curriculum could include:

  • Jogging in the neighbourhood on a Terry Fox Run or for PE on a designated route.
  • Walking to a nearby park.
  • Walking to a nearby beach.
  • Walks to gather leaves, pine cones and other materials for art projects.
  • Pitch-in or annual neighbourhood litter clean-up.
  • Walking to a nearby creek to observe salmon spawning and to study stream ecology.
  • Outings to look for signs of spring or other seasonal changes.
  • Walks to study environmental print and shapes in the neighbourhood – e.g. street signs.
  • Nature walks along local trails for exploration in support of science topics.

For all of these activities, proper footwear and clothing are needed and following the instructions
of the adult supervisor(s) would be expected behaviour. The school’s Code of Conduct applies
on all field trips. Please discuss behavioural expectations with your child, as it is important that
students hear the same message both at home and at school.

Rather than send home a permission slip for each small venture, we are asking your cooperation in reviewing this permission form, which will cover all neighbourhood activities that do not require transportation by vehicle. There will be sufficient adult supervision for every walking field trip.
This form will remain active for the duration of your child's enrollment at this school and may be withdrawn by you at any time.

In accordance with board regulation #1130 governing same-day travel/day hikes by students held off the school property, parents would be informed of any such activities by advance written communication. We will make every effort to give parents as much notice for walking field trips as possible.

By allowing your child to participate in walking field trips similar to those described above, you are accepting the risk of any accident, if one should occur. Your signature on the following page indicates that you support your child in participating in day trips.

August 18, 2022

District Google Consent Form (Grade 7 ONLY)

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In the Sunshine Coast School District (SD46) we work to equip our students with the skills necessary in an increasingly digital world. We recognize the significance of access to appropriate digital technologies and supporting an opportunity for grade 4 to 12 students to work with Google educational internet applications (“Google Apps”), as described below.

Google Apps (Google Classroom) is hosted by Google. The apps are designed specifically for K-12 school districts and is a powerful suite of school district managed online collaboration and productivity tools. It is a secure, private and ad-free environment and offers more control and protection than a personal Google/Gmail account. Google Classroom is currently used by thousands of schools, with tens of millions of student accounts around the world.

As a public institution, we are subject to the BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. In accordance with this Act, we recognize the importance of protecting the privacy of students under our care. Google’s servers are located outside of Canada, which means that this information and other information in the student’s Google account may be subject to the laws of a foreign jurisdiction, which may not provide the same privacy protections as the laws in place in Canada. Therefore, students will receive instruction on how to use their district managed G Suite for Education account in ways that avoid posting private and personal information. For example, photos of individuals that make them identifiable and adding surnames are not permissible.

For more information about Google’s privacy and information management practices Google’s Terms of Services and Privacy Policy can be found at: These documents provide assurances that Google will not monitor or track student online activity for the purposes of identifying or contacting individual students. However, Google may collect some information about how its systems are being used generally by students in order to provide, maintain and improve its products and services.

By signing this form you are consenting to the collection, use and disclosure of the student’s personal information through the use of the Chromebooks and Google Apps as described above. You are also acknowledging and agreeing that this information may be disclosed to, used by and accessible to Google outside of Canada for the purposes as outlined above.

In addition this collected information may be used for educational purposes for students to access media and other resources offered via the school district.

While this is not an educational requirement, we hope that you will see the value in these tools for your child. If you choose to grant permission, please sign the consent form along with your child’s signed consent and return it to your child’s classroom teacher who will then provide further instructions to your child on how to access G Suite for Education. If you choose not to grant permission, an alternative resource will be provided. This form will remain active for the duration of your child's enrollment at this school and may be withdrawn by you at any time.

If you have questions about the intended use of Google Classroom in your child’s classroom, please speak with your child’s teacher or school principal.

August 18, 2022

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